Storm Damage Services & More for Houston, TX

Also Serving Surrounding Cities

Handyman Service List For 2012:

Appliances - install, removal, repair
(garage doors, water heaters, refrigerators, ceiling fans, attic vents, washer/dryer, etc)
Attic access doors - install, repair
Awnings and shade structures - build, repair
Bathroom remodels and repairs
Blinds, curtains, drapes - replace, install
Brick, stone, landscaping - repair, install
Cabinets, bookcases, other custom carpentry
Caulking and general weatherproofing
Ceiling and roof repairs
Cement, mortar, and patchwork
Christmas lights - setup and take-down
Closets - custom design, carpentry, install
Counter tops - repair, replace, install
Crown moldings - repair, replace, install
Decks, porches, patios - repair, replace, build
Decks, porches, patios - washing and staining
Doors, screens, windows - repair, replace, install
Driveways, walkways, cement - repair, install
Dryer vents, other ventilation - install, repair, replace
Drywall, tape and texture - install, repair, replace
Fascia board and siding - repair, replace, install
Fences and gates - repair, replace, install
Filter replacements (heaters, water filters, etc)
Fixtures and appliances - repair, replace, install
Flashing, roofing, gutters - repair, replace, install
Flooring (laminate, vinyl, tile) - repair, replace, install
Flower-garden boxes - repair, replace, build
Framing and general carpentry
Furniture and products - assembly, repair, install
Furniture assembling, repairing, moving
Garage doors and openers - repair, replace, install
Garage, basement, attic - cleanup, organization
Garbage disposals and sinks - repair, replace, install
Gazebos, sheds, other yard items - repair, install, build
General carpentry and framing projects
Grout and tile - repair, replace, install
Gutters and downspouts - repair, replace, install
Handicap ramps, rails and ADA compliance projects
Home painting - interior and exterior
Insulation - install, repair
Kitchen repairs, remodels, renovations
Leak repairs - kitchen/bath plumbing, ceiling/roof
Locks and deadbolts - replace, install
Mail boxes - repair, replace, install, build
Masonry work - inside and outside projects
Molding and trim - repair, replace, install
Painting touch-ups, rooms, or complete home
Paneling, siding, walls - repair, replacement, install
Pet doors - repair, replacement, install
Ponds and other water projects - repair, install, build
Porches, decks, patios - repair, replace, install, build
Pressure washing and cleaning
Roofing and shingle - repair, replace, install
Screens, doors, windows - repair, replace, install
Sheds and storage - repair, install, build
Shelving - repair, replace, install, build
Shutters - repair, replace, install, build
Sky lights - repair, replacement, install
Sliding doors, screen doors - repair, replace, install
Smoke detectors - test, replace, install
Speakers, TVs, computers - install, cabling, mounting
Sprinklers and irrigation - repair, replace, install
Stairs, steps, railings - repair, replace, install, build
Storm doors and windows - repair, replace, install
Sweeping, cleaning, and organizing
Swing sets and other yard items - repair, install, build
Tile and grout - repair, replace install
Toilet, shower, sink - repair, replace, install
TV and media - setup, mounting, install
Vents (heaters, dryers, more) - repair, replace, install
Walkways and driveways - staining, stamping
Washer and dryer - setup, repair, replace
Weather stripping and home weatherproofing
Windows, mirrors, glass - repair, replace, install
Yard work - general and specific-project